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About Us

We believe that every number counts!

We think outside the box and use cutting-edge technologies to help our clients access accurate information in an accessible way – and ensure they make the best decision to manage their project.

Working with a range of software systems allows Sigma to carry out a comprehensive check of all the plans, discovering errors, malfunctions and inconsistencies—a significant added value to ensure the project meets the timeline set by the client and the contractor.

שרטוטים אוטוקאד

Our Goal

The mission of  SIGMA CE&M  is to provide high-quality services to our clients.

To ensure that each project meets its specific requirements, our team goes the extra mile.

Through open communication and exceptional service, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.

For more information or general inquiries, we are here for you.

Meet Our Founder

Yuval Kahn, founder and CEO of SIGMA CE&M, is a certified civil engineering and certified electrician with over 23 years of experience and vast knowledge in preparing tenders, submitting and checking cumulative accounts, and performing budgetary control as project manager and supervisor in complex, multi-system projects across all areas of construction—from systems to the finishing touches.

יובל קאהן- מנכ״ל סיגמה

Our Clients

משרד הביטחון
חכל חולון
חכל מעלה אדומים
מועצה אזורית מטה בינימין
כלכלית לוד
החברה הכלכלית חבל ים המלח- תמר
עדן החברה לפיתוח כלכלי בירושלים

and many more...

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